Lower Back Pain Causes and Treatment

Lower Back Pain Causes and Treatment

Aside from headaches, lower back pain is one among the foremost common issues we tend to square measure experiencing.

This perhaps felt because of prolonged serious activities, fatigue, muscle sprain, body organ damages appreciate excretory organ infections, gonad disorder in girls, redness, and bladder pathology.

Accidents can even cause back pain, Most of the folks suffer from stiff lower back downside.

The major cause is improper sitting and standing positions, If you’re concerned in an exceedingly job that demands to square all the time you wish to grasp the proper position for standing.

Similarly, if your job is of idler than you need to take time to maneuver your body. Here may be a temporary guide to lower back pain causes and treatment.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Very Little Movement: the insufficient or virtually no movement in an exceedingly day causes your muscles to urge stiff and ends up in stiffness of lower back and pain. This essentially happens in an exceedingly job wherever you sit whole day and don’t take short breaks to stretch your body.

Bad Posture: typically whereas sitting you doesn’t acknowledge that your posture isn’t optimum. you ought to sit in an exceedingly position that doesn’t place pressure on your lower back. If you’re sitting ahead of laptop computer confirm you’re at Associate in Nursing angle of one hundred forty five degrees from the laptop computer.

Tedious Work: typically in function of finishing work you are doing in depth work along with your body. This causes stiffness in lower back. Even atiny low pain in lower back is that the indication that you just ought to shut down and take rest.

You should avoid long hours of toil and instead take short breaks whereas doing all of your work.

Sleeping position: Another most typical issue for stiffness and lower back pain is that the sleeping position. Sleeping in an exceedingly single position for a extended time conjointly stiffness the rear.

Medical condition: a number of the medical conditions appreciate pathology, spinal pathology, and burst disc cause stiff back downside. In such cases, you ought to see the doctor instantly.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Suffering from lower back pain may be a quite common ache. however if your pain persists for a extended length, it’s to be reported to the doctor.

Whenever you suffer from lower back ache you ought to have the facility to seek out out the explanation for your pain then solely you’ll take a step ahead for lower back treatment.For initial stiffness treatment, press your back pianissimo, don’t press onerous.
You should perpetually attempt to sit in an exceedingly good position, Don’t get most involve in your work that you just forget the dangerous position during which you’re sitting.
If you’re a idler, get a chair that supports your back from higher to the lower portion.
While sleeping, place a pillow below your knees. this may unharness the pressure from hips and back.
For folks concerned within the handling of supplying and different materials, a serious step towards stiffness treatment would be to own a back support belt whereas handling serious materials.
Whenever you’re feeling even a bit ache in your back, opt for hot and cold packs.These square measure a number of the lower back pain causes and treatment. you wish to assure yourself that you just don’t place pressure on your back.

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