Headaches and Neck Pain while Pregnant- Cause, Treatment and Prevention

Headaches and Neck Pain whereas Pregnant- Cause, Treatment and bar

It’s common to urge tension headaches and neck pain throughout maternity, particularly within the trimester. These headaches will want a gradual uninteresting ache or a compressing pain on either side of the top or the rear of the neck.

Hormonal changes, increase in blood volume and circulation, and dehydration area unit a number of the main causes of headaches throughout maternity.

Other potential causes of headaches embody general fatigue, dehydration, alkaloid withdrawal, lack of sleep, stress, depression, hunger, dehydration, low blood glucose, sinus congestion, eye strain, and allergies.

Neck pain is usually caused by bodily property changes wherever the additional weight of the baby within the lower a part of the abdomen changes the curvature of the spine, that stresses muscles of the lower back.

Headaches and Neck Pain while Pregnant- Treatment and Prevention

The best and doubtless best ways that to treat headaches and neck pain whereas pregnant is avoiding all of them along.

Check out a number of the most effective ways that to treat and stop headaches and neck pain throughout maternity.


• Rest and Relax: obtaining enough rest and quiet properly throughout maternity will facilitate relieve tension and stress; the most culprits of headaches.

• Get regular Exercise: Regular exercise relieves stress, improves blood circulation, and reduces tension

• Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet: Nutrition deficiencies will result in variety of health complications throughout maternity, together with headaches and migraines. Eat a diet containing suggested amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins

• Drink lots of Water: Dehydration causes headaches throughout maternity. you would like a minimum of eight glasses or two liters of filtered water every day to stop headaches

• Apply cold or heat packs to your head

• Take a heat shower or bathtub

• strive Body Massage: prenatal massage is unbelievable for relieving headaches, quiet and relieving pain on your neck, shoulders, and temples

• strive Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy with essential oils is nice for relieving headaches and neck pains

• treatment and Homeopathy: each different treatments area unit nice choices for reducing sick headache and headaches, likewise as neck pain. talk to your doctor before endeavor these treatments

• strive Reflexology

Neck Pain

To treat and stop neck pain;

• follow sensible posture

• interact in physical activities. an honest choice is swimming and neck stretch exercises

• Visit a therapist

• Place Associate in Nursing ice gain your neck throughout the day to cut back swelling and reduce inflammation and pain within the neck. It additionally provides Associate in Nursing analgesic result

• Avoid sleeping with too several pillows

• correct sleep positions; positions that may guarantee your neck is aligned together with your spine

• strive Massage medical aid

• strive treatment and homoeopathy

• Sit upright, always

• strive a Maternity Support Belt- the belts wraps round the hips and lower belly to support the lower abdominal muscles

• Wear right-size shoes for a cushty work

When to envision a Medical skilled

Headaches and neck pain area unit traditional occurrences throughout maternity and so mustn’t be a cause for concern. Expect to urge some relief when a brief time or when victimisation the higher than remedies. However, in severe cases, you’ll ought to get medical attention. See a doctor if;

• The higher than remedies fail to produce relief

• If the headaches and neck pain become persistent or degenerate

• You expertise headaches that area unit totally different than traditional

• Headaches area unit among pain within the higher abdomen, indistinct vision, sudden weight gain, and swelling on hands and face

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, these remedies area unit an excellent different to over-the-counter medications. ought to the symptoms persist, get medical recommendation.

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